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A Transformational Book by Freya Strom
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About the Book

When the Love of Your Life Turns out to Be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Finding yourself engaged in psychological warfare with the very person who was supposed to love, cherish, and protect you leaves you feeling powerless, beaten down, and wondering if you will be met with kindness or cruelty. The more you give, the less you get. You’re constantly walking on eggshells. If it feels like you’re living with chronic manipulation, you may be in a relationship with a narcissist.

In So You Married a Narcissist life coach Freya Strom explains:

  • The 21 characteristics of a narcissist

  • 16 early warning signs that you could be dealing with a narcissist

  • 9 ways to deal with a narcissist

  • 25 ways to heal from a narcissistic relationship

Transform your trauma into triumph! Start your journey of healing, freedom, and empowerment. You too can not only survive but THRIVE after the narcissist!

About the Author

Author Freya Strom has lived through the nightmare of a narcissistic marriage. After immersing herself in extensive research, counselling, and personal development, she has come out the other side empowered, healed, and thriving. It is her passion to see women and men transformed after this brutal experience, to walk in wholeness, and to live out their best self.

Freya Strom is an Associate Certified Life Coach with the International Coaching Federation. Freya is currently working with fellow life coach, Anita Reimer (, to cocreate the coaching program, “Return to You - After the Narcissist.” This strategic program is designed to dive deeper and to bring further healing and empowerment to those who have left a narcissistic relationship and who desire to create a bright future for themselves.

Freya is also an avid world traveler. Her love for the air, sea, and land has led to skydiving, kayaking, cycling, and hiking ventures around the globe. She loves sports, road cycling, and anything in the great outdoors. Freya has lived in four different countries and currently resides in Canada.

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“I would have been spared years of anguish, bewilderment and trauma had I read Freya’s book while I walked that path. She puts names and structures to my experiences and brings reason and logic into an otherwise unreasonable and illogical journey. She lays out a path to hope, recovery, and freedom.”

—Calli J. Linwood, author of Walking Tall: Healing from Domestic Violence, Abuse and Trauma

Praise for So You Married a Narcissist

Jocelyn Drozda_edited_edited_edited.jpg
“Like arrows to the heart, the reader is hit with the stark, malevolent reality of life with a narcissist as they read Freya Strom’s book. Seeing their realities in black and white helps those ensnared understand and trust what their instincts are telling them, helping them evade the pitfalls and traps set to snare and consume them. This book is a stunning exposé of the narcissistic world, interspersed with personal testimonies displaying how the different aspects manifest in real-time. Infused with statements of humour, hope, and encouragement, the reader is strengthened for the battle before them.”

—Jocelyn A. Drozda, author of Invisible No More: Personal Identity Restored

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So You Married A Narcissist is a well-articulated, fully researched, and convincing case designed to help those of us who have had an unfortunate encounter with this type of manipulation and abuse. She offers steps to take when we have failed to tend to our boundaries, self-love, and selfworth in any relationship—the intelligence that supports healthy relating abounds here!”

—Christine Patton, author of Showing Up: Becoming the Me I Want to Be

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“If you’ve ever stayed up late at night researching the topic of narcissism, you likely have a deep knowledge of the pain and destruction narcissists cause. This book combines research, real-life experiences, and a practical guide to identifying, dealing with, and escaping relationships with narcissists. Her clearly constructed inventory of narcissistic traits and their accompanying behaviours are particularly helpful as they provide an objective checklist for those trying to determine whether they’re in a relationship with a narcissist and, if so, how they got there. This book confirms whether you’ve been sucked in by someone with NPD and offers understanding and healing once you’ve set boundaries or left the relationship.”

—Jill Wilson, Coordinator of Continuing Education

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“Freya’s book is a candid description of the painful reality of a relationship with someone with narcissistic personality disorder. So You Married a Narcissist will be especially helpful to those who are just becoming aware of these dynamics in a relationship, who need to be validated and empowered, or who are looking for strength to get out. So often we blame ourselves when our relationships do not go well; this book shifts that perspective away from self-blame to acknowledging that while we are powerless to change the relationship, we are indeed empowered to do something about it.”

—Rebecca Berghorn, M.S.Edu, licensed marriage and family therapist

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“Although I did not marry a narcissist, I have worked for two. I wish I’d had this knowledge and the strategies from this book back then.”

—Lauren Duncan, Ph.D., screenwriter

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So You Married a Narcissist is packed with information, anecdotal stories, and practical advice. The author explains how to identify narcissistic abuse by defining the characteristics of a narcissist and by laying out what it looks like in everyday interactions. Freya shares stories from people who have lived with it and through it. She shares her personal story of her life with a narcissist and encourages the reader not to be afraid or ashamed of reaching out for help. Freya ends the book with well-laid-out practical steps on how to heal and gives a strong message of hope to help you move forward with your life after narcissistic abuse. This book lets you know that you are not alone, and there is help and healing that can be yours.”

—Carmel Hoyer, massage therapist

Listen to a Sample
So You Married a Narcissist Sample
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Available in Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook at your favorite online book seller
So_You_Married_Kindle (1).jpg
“Freya Strom takes us into the world of women who are stuck in narcissistic abuse. So many of my clients failed to see what was happening until caught in the web. This book is written from first-hand experience along with wellresearched material. A must-read for women who want to find their better life but need things explained in layman’s terms.”

—Julie Starr, life coach and author of Your Husband Left: Now What?! How to Be Your Own Hero and Live Your Better Life After Divorce

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